Village O Yara [27 Pcs 5 Sizes Set] Clear Plastic Drawer Organiser for Home Storage & Organisation

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  • Declutter and organize your home with Village O Yara’s 27-piece clear plastic drawer organizer set, perfect for home storage & organisation
  • Create a neat and tidy space with non-slip acrylic organizers for makeup, bathroom essentials, desk supplies, wardrobe accessories, pantry items, and cutler
  • The versatile drawer dividers come in 5 different sizes to fit in various drawers, ensuring every item has its designated place
  • Keep your kitchen drawers organized with dedicated compartments for cutlery, kitchen tools, and utensils, making meal prep and cooking a breeze
  • Maximize your wardrobe storage with these drawer organizers, separating socks, ties, belts, and accessories. An easy access and efficient closet organiser Transform your vanity into a clutter-free zone with this practical storage solution, providing compartments for makeup brushes, cosmetics, skincare products, and more
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